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Contemporary art, especially in its post-modernist manifestation, can not be defined by a particular style. Contemporary art is an individual process instead. Existing within the current epoque, we can only vaguely realize what is occurring with us, our time and our emotions. The creative process does not need reflection any more. And this is remarkable. It appears that what the artist is saying is not relevant as long as the History mechanism keeps functioning. For some reason Man does not have to perceive himself as a part of the Universe any longer. It is just enough to remain a participant in the life process.

Eduard Stranadko's work is like a pass to a different form of existence - a form similar to night dreaming. His heroes wonder along empty streets, or remain in the agony of suspense, almost deprived of any joy, energy or elegance. The figures on the photographic emulsion seem to possess a shadowy quality. They linger in the wind, they are full of air and consumed by space. They are wary of self-preservation, they are longing to hide, to dissolve in the safety of dusk and sleep. The dull disappearing light and mysterious shadow penetrate each other, thus absorbing people and houses, making them a part of a sad universal enigma.