In a new millennium we found itself us the existence in hypnotic sleep. Because we are in the stage of life of respectable and languid. New ideas and names are not almost present. Seems to us indeed instiled that we have entered in a new era, where it is needed only to submit to history, that, by the way, coincides with the dreams of the best people and "fighters for human happiness".

The waiver of suggestion in such terms is action, which deserves on respect of descendants and that, who finally will leave a center for the sake of periphery will be a "winner", whose potential considerably more powerful, than potential of center.

Certainly, the art is the sphere of irrational, because there is part of some mass which it is heavy to keep fast. This as water - if not to pour her in a vessel, it is simple to flow between fingers. It is balance on the border of dream and ordinariness. And in actual fact, is that, whatever is present.

Problemma consists that the photoart can not in other method reproduce an internal world, as through an outer world. That is why, in our art the abyss of sensitiveness and sweet exhaustion. It is exact here for us and the charm of a new sense of life consists. It is decadent aesthetics almost, when a thing has a price only, because it exists.

Art of Poltava... It seems in the beginning, the imitation in the forms of some large centers, secondly, is to the subject strong influencing from outside and, finally, in the case of stop of influencing those, death of them.

It is pleasant to think that exactly the idyllic country with its yet until now by not clear rationalism gives us such deep, no inferior by other influencing, unique emotional master as Eduard Stranadko.

Certainly, it is impossible to speak that a similar art is created for a mass spectator. Already it is now possible to say that Eduard Stranadko together with the his works, are not dramatically inscribed in reality, more precisely, in official priorities, but it is important for free development of culture.